Passengers carried by Domestic airlines registered an annual growth of 36.10%

The Civil Aviation sector in the country has witnessed impressive growth, with the number of passengers carried by Domestic airlines growing substantially. Based on the traffic data provided by different Domestic airlines, the passenger count reached an impressive milestone of 636.07 lakhs during January-May 2023, reflecting a significant annual growth rate of 36.10%, compared to the corresponding period in the preceding year of Jan-May 2022, during which the passenger count was 467.37 lakhs.

In the month of May 2022, the passenger count was 114.67 lakh, which in May 2023 rose to 132.41 lakhs, registering a Month-on-Month growth of 15.24%. This consistent growth is a testament to the collective efforts of airlines, airports, and the Ministry of Civil Aviation in fostering a safe, efficient, and customer-centric aviation ecosystem.

The overall passenger number in May 2023 increased by 3.26 lakhs (2.52%) as compared to April 23.

The notable increase in the volume of passengers demonstrates the strength and durability of India’s aviation sector, showcasing the continuous endeavors to improve connectivity and offer convenient travel choices to our country’s citizens. The higher load factor of 636.07 lakh passengers during January – May 2023 suggests rising demand for air transportation, underscoring the favorable direction of the aviation industry.

Also, the number of complaints decreased in May 2023 vis-à-vis May 2019. In May 2019, a total of 746 passenger-related complaints had been received by the scheduled domestic airlines. Whereas, in May 2023, a total of 556 passenger-related complaints had been received by the scheduled domestic airlines.