Embraer inaugurates first flight simulator for the KC-390 Millennium multi-mission jet

 Embraer inaugurated its first flight simulator (Full-Flight Simulator – FFS) for the KC-390 Millennium multi-mission jet at the Embraer Academy, located at the Eugênio de Mello unit in São José dos Campos. The inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives of the Brazilian Air Force and the Portuguese Air Force, as well as representatives from Rheinmetall, Germany.

“The new KC-390 flight simulator will meet the demand of current and future customers for basic and advanced pilot training, thus contributing to the safe and effective operation of the aircraft,” said Johann Bordais, President & CEO of Embraer Services & Support. “Brazil, Portugal, and Hungary will be the first countries to use this equipment, which allows the safe practice of maneuvers and emergency procedures, as well as other adverse flight conditions, with reduced costs and without risks to the operation.”

Mike Schmidt, CEO of Rheinmetall Aviation Services and Head of Dimension Air, affirmed that “Rheinmetall is proud to have been selected as the preferred partner of Embraer for the KC-390 transport aircraft training devices. This KC-390 flight simulator will be the first of many training devices to support the safe and effective education and training of future KC-390 transport aircraft operators worldwide.”

The KC-390 flight simulator, with D-level qualification, includes operation under normal and emergency conditions, a package to support military operations, and more than 350 failure simulations. In addition, the simulator is easy to maintain and comfortable for training pilots.

The C-390 is the new generation’s most modern military tactical transport aircraft. Its multi-mission platform offers incomparable mobility, combining high productivity and operating flexibility with low operating costs, which is an unbeatable combination. The C-390 can carry more payload (26 tons) compared to other medium-sized military cargo aircraft and flies faster (470 knots) and farther, being capable of performing a wide range of missions such as transporting and dropping cargo and troops, medical evacuation, search and rescue, firefighting, and humanitarian missions, operating on temporary or unpaved runways (i.e., including packed earth, soil, and gravel). In its refueling version, the aircraft has already proven its aerial refueling capacity, as well as an aircraft receiving fuel from another KC-390 using pods installed under the wings. It is the only aircraft in the world in the segment to carry out such an operation.

Since entering operation with FAB in 2019, the C-390 has proven its capacity, reliability, and performance. The current fleet of five aircraft, all in the aerial refueling version, designated KC-390, has already accumulated more than 8,900 flight hours. Recent figures show an operational availability of around 80%, with a mission completion rate above 99%, demonstrating exceptional productivity in the category. The C-390 Millennium has orders from Portugal and Hungary, both NATO member countries. The Netherlands, also a member of NATO, selected the C-390 Millennium in 2022.