Indian Navy’s green initiatives

The Navy, as a self-driven and environmentally responsible force, has always been committed to environmental protection and green initiatives. As guardian of the seas, the Navy employs a number of ships, submarines, and aircraft that have high energy intensity, thus increased energy efficiency is paramount in every operation and process the Navy undertakes.

IN has commissioned solar power with a cumulative capacity of 15.87MW which is in line with the Navy’s objective of fulfilling Govt of India’s ‘Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM)’ mission. These plants are grid-connected utilizing single-axis sun tracking technology with computerized monitoring & control.

To reduce the overall carbon footprint and enhance environmental sustainability, Indian Navy is ‘Geared Up and Committed’ to march towards the pursuit of Green Initiatives, realizing the national aim, to ensure a ‘Greener and Cleaner future for our next generations’.