Environmental conservation activities at the western naval command

The Western Naval Command has been at the forefront of promoting environmental conservation activities at all stations spread across the west coast. It has been a constant endeavor to motivate personnel to imbibe the habit of protecting mother nature as part of their grooming. Over a period of time, a multi-dimensional approach has been adopted towards the conservation of the environment and the implementation of energy conservation methods.

Naval personnel at WNC have been actively involved in the rejuvenation of various mangroves along the coast at Mumbai and other stations. Community clean-ups in the neighborhood, workshops, and seminars, awareness campaigns, coastal clean ship, and tree plantation drives have been undertaken by the command throughout the year

Continuing with the Green environment initiatives, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ has been adopted as the theme by ND (Mbi). With the active involvement of WNC Parivaar, a mass clean ship has been undertaken in all residential areas. Various plantation drives, lectures/seminars, and painting competitions are being conducted. A Pledge taking ceremony towards a greener, sustainable, and healthier environment has been conducted in all Naval stations.