Major Milestone Achieved in FOC of C- Dome

Last week RAFAEL alongside the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), in collaboration with the Israeli Navy and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., announces the successful completion of a series of comprehensive tests for the naval version of the Iron Dome system, known as “C-Dome.” These tests mark a significant step towards achieving the final operational capability of the C-Dome system on the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6-class corvettes.

Throughout the rigorous testing process, the C-Dome system, installed on the Sa’ar 6 “Magen” corvettes, demonstrated its exceptional capability to intercept and neutralize advanced threats that pose a danger to Israel’s strategic assets and infrastructure within its exclusive economic zone. The operational personnel of the Israeli Navy flawlessly operated the systems during the tests, showcasing the readiness of the “Magen” corvettes.

The comprehensive test series included simulations of both existing and future threats that the “Magen” ships may encounter in times of conflict, including rockets, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These tests successfully integrated shipboard systems with Israel’s multi-tier defense array, augmenting the operational effectiveness of the air and missile defense system both at sea and on land. The outstanding success of these tests represents a significant milestone in the development of the multi-tier defense array, bolstering Israel’s defense capabilities against diverse threats in various combat scenarios.

The integration of the C-Dome system reinforces the defensive capabilities of the Sa’ar 6 “Magen” corvettes, enhancing their capacity to safeguard Israel’s assets and economic interests within the exclusive economic zone. As an additional layer of Israel’s multi-tier air and missile defense array, the C-Dome system complements the existing operational defense tiers, namely Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow 2, and Arrow 3. The Israel Missile Defense Organization, a division of the Directorate for Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), oversees the development of these defense systems, with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems serving as the prime contractor and developer of the Iron Dome system. Collaborating with esteemed subcontractors such as Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta Systems and mPrest, RAFAEL ensures the integration of cutting-edge radar and command-and-control systems.


Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant: “The C-Dome system constitutes a significant leap forward in our defense capabilities, and ensures the Israeli defense establishment’s superiority and operational capabilities in the face of growing threats in the maritime arena. The system’s naval adaptation is part of our advanced multi-tier air and missile defense system. I would like to express my great appreciation for the Directorate for Defense R&D, the IDF, and Rafael, for turning a tech vision into reality – developing operational capabilities in the field.”


Executive Vice President and Head of the Land and Naval Systems Directorate at RAFAEL, Dr. Ran Gozali: “The success of the latest live trials of the C-DOME missile defense system constitutes another technological breakthrough led by RAFAEL. We are proud of our role in supporting the development of the Israeli Navy’s operational capabilities and of the Israel Defense Forces in general. We continue striving towards executing our mission of ensuring technological excellence and the most capable defense for the State of Israel.”

Head of the DDR&D, Brig. Gen. (res.) Dr. Daniel Gold: “These successful tests are one of the many efforts we are carrying out to improve our air and missile defense systems’ preparedness for future threats and improve system performance in the face of existing threats. The campaign’s success further strengthens our confidence in the defense systems and their ability to protect extensive areas as well as the State of Israel’s strategic assets on land and at sea. We will continue working together with the IDF and Israeli defense industries to protect the State of Israel, while realizing and preserving the State of Israel’s qualitative advantage.”

Director of DDR&D’s IMDO, Moshe Patel, added: “The Israeli defense establishment is constantly upgrading the Iron Dome’s capabilities on land and at sea to increase its effectiveness. During this current campaign, we successfully tested the Naval Iron Dome’s new capabilities aboard the Sa’ar 6 corvette together with additional systems in Israel’s multi-tier air and missile defense array, including connectivity between systems on-board with those on land, and a new radar developed to protect Israel’s exclusive economic zone. The system successfully identified various threats including rockets, UAVs and cruise missiles, and destroyed them using interceptors launched from onboard the ship at sea, with exceptional precision. The preparation and execution of this test was done in parallel with the successful operational participation of Iron Dome and David’s Sling during Operation “Shield and Arrow”. We continue to provide technological support for current needs, alongside development of new solutions for future threats.”

Head of Material, Technology and Logistics Command, Rear Admiral Ariel Shir: “The current experiment is part of the road map for the development and improvement of the defense capabilities of the defense ships, while providing a response and adaptation to the evolving needs in the arena. This experiment is further evidence of the development and improvement capabilities of the various systems in the face of threats, and the ability of the defense ship systems to operate in an integrated and complete manner – From the construction of the naval and aerial picture, through the discovery, classification and identification of threats and ending with interception and accurate destruction of the threats. These capabilities were achieved through close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense/DDR&D, Israeli industries, Israeli Air Force (IAF) and naval engineers and personnel at the headquarters and on the vessels. The experiment included both an improvement in the existing systems, and a proof of capability for a new anti-aircraft missile, that significantly improves the defense envelope of the defense ships, both independently and as part of the national anti-aircraft network.”