India’s Resurgence Under PM Modi Says Defence Minister

“India is not an emerging but a resurgent power which is regaining its place on the global economic map under the leadership of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” said Rajnath Singh at an event in New Delhi on June 02, 2023. He began his address by stating that until the 17th century, India had a remarkably strong economy, constituting over a quarter of the world’s GDP, but it lost its glory due to a weak military and political slavery.

The Defence Minister asserted that the Government is working on both these fronts to ensure that India regains its old glorious status. He stated that no stone is being left unturned to create a strong, young & tech-savvy Armed Forces on the back of a robust defence industry that indigenously manufactures state-of-the-art weapons/equipment, while efforts are also being made to get rid of the colonial mindset.

Rajnath Singh also envisioned a developed India which ensures that universal values ​​like democracy, religious freedom, dignity, and world peace are established across the globe. “Together, let us dream of an India where people have the same feeling of nation-building; where all Indians work together without any discrimination. Let us dream of an India where people are judged not by their caste and religion, but by their knowledge and character; where every Indian has access to human rights and has a commitment to their duties. Let us dream of an India which is strong enough to defend itself and be ready to stand against any injustice anywhere in the world,” he said.