Air Cargo Traffic will double in next 20 Years, Says Boeing

Air cargo traffic will double in next 20 years  while the world’s freighter fleet will expand by more than 60% during next few years, According  to Boeing’s 2022 World Air Cargo Forecast (WACF).

The 2022 WACF projects that the world’s cargo fleet will require nearly 2,800 production and converted freighters for growth and replacement through 2041. With cargo traffic doubling over the forecast period, operators will need to switch to more capable, fuel-efficient and sustainable jets like the 777-8 Freighter to meet demand, as per  Boeing forecast.

A third of deliveries will consist of new production freighters, while the remaining two-thirds will be freighter conversions, such as the 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF), providing carriers with increased flexibility in existing and emerging markets.