UAC exhibited a wide range of aircraft at Indo Defence Expo



United Aircraft Corporation (PJSC UAC, part of Rostec State Corporation) participated in the international exhibition Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2022, in Jakarta, Indonesia with a wide range of products. The multimedia exposition includes a wide range of civil and military aircraft such as MC-21 medium-haul airliner, SSJ-100 regional jet, Su-30SME multifunctional fighter, as well as Yak-130 combat trainer.

One of the key models at the UAC exposition is MC-21, a new generation medium–haul passenger aircraft. The airliner is manufactured according to the latest developments and aims for the most demanded segment of the market. Advanced aerodynamics, engines and new generation avionics provide high flight performance and lower operating costs compared to its analogues. Aerodynamic perfection of the aircraft is achieved with a high aspect ratio wing made of composite materials. PD-14 engines are characterized by high bypass ratio, low fuel consumption, reduced noise and emissions of harmful substances.

This model offers passengers comfort comparable to the cabins of mainline airliners, significant economic advantages to carriers, convenience for the crew and maximum level of environmental safety. Serial production of SSJ-100 is currently carried out by the production center of Irkut Corporation in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Prototypes of import-substituted versions of the aircraft (SSJ-NEW) are also being assembled there as a preparation for the serial production of the airliner.

In addition to civil aircraft, the supermaneuverable multifunctional two-seat Su-30SME fighter was presented as part of the UAC exposition. The aircraft is designed for attacking aerial targets in free airspace and against the background of the earth, as well as ground and surface targets day-and-night in favorable and adverse weather conditions.

Another aircraft demonstrated is the combat training Yak-130. This model is characterized by high maneuverability and modern avionics complex, typical for advanced combat aircraft. Yak-130 has a subsonic aerodynamic configuration and flight performance characteristics. It can be successfully employed to train pilots in conditions close to a combat situation with the use of air-to-air/air-to-ground weapons.

The Indo Defense Expo & Forum 2022 was hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Defense. The theme of the exhibition covers almost the entire range of weapons and military equipment used in the Army, Navy and Air Force of the Southeast Asian countries.