Indian Start-ups will soon launch Space satellites says Dr Jitendra Singh


Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said, Space reforms have unleashed the innovative potentials of start-ups and within a short span of time, from a couple of Space Start-ups three -four years back, today we have 102 start-ups working in cutting-edge areas of space debris management., Nano-satellite, launch vehicle, ground systems, research etc. The Minister said, with the integration of R&D, Academia and Industry with equal stake, it is safe to say that a Space Revolution led by ISRO along with the Private Sector and Start-ups is on the horizon.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, the strength and innovative potential of our young and private industrial enterprise would take a lead in the global space technology disruption in times to come. He expressed hope that India’s young technology wizards shall breach new barriers in the field of Space Technology while they set out to address the limitless opportunities offered by the Space Domain.

The Minister addresses the India Space Conclave in Delhi on the first anniversary of the Indian Space Association, ISpA