Peekay Group to Set Up 3D Printing Facility at Bengaluru Airport City

  • The 3D sand printing facility would be the first-of-its-kind globally
  • The facility will have an experience zone to explore 3D printing technology
  • The technology is environmental-friendly with no carbon emission

Peekay Group has signed an agreement with Bengaluru Airport City Limited (BACL) to develop a 3D Printing technology facility at the Airport City that is being developed in the BLR Airport premises. BACL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL)

This facility will house a production centre as well as an experience zone to learn 3D printing & ideate for innovative solutions. In addition, the facility will be used to train technology experts, up-grade skills, increase awareness of various 3D printing applications. This will play a role in engaging youngsters in this new era of technology driven manufacturing.

3D Printing also known as Additive Manufacturing has wide applications including architecture, construction, automotive, aerospace, military, bio-tech (human tissue replacement) jewellery, education and many other fields.

The global 3D printing market size is estimated to reach US$ 62.79 billion by 2028 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 21.0% from 2021 to 2028. McKinsey predicts that Additive Manufacturing could have an economic impact of $550 billion annually by 2025.

Traditional manufacturing has a negative effect on the environment, while 3D printing has been able to significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

“We are delighted to partner with the Peekay Group to develop a state-of-the-art 3D Printing technology facility as part of our Airport City. Bengaluru is emerging as one of the world’s leading tech innovation hubs, and at BACL our focus will be to continue partnering with companies in the fields of Advanced Electronics Manufacturing, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Space Technology, 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, Chip Design, Digital Content, Online Gaming, Online education, Fintech, Agricultural Technology and Healthcare Technology. We are confident that these initiatives will continue to further add impetus in making Bengaluru a Knowledge-Based Economy,” said Rao Munukutla, CEO, BACL.

BACL has been founded to develop the Airport City at BLR Airport, consisting of Business Parks, Health District, Retail Dining & Entertainment Village, Concert Arena, Convention & Exhibition Centre, Knowledge Park, Hospitality & Central Park.  The Airport City is developed as an international gateway to a Sustainable, Smart, Vibrant city celebrating a culture of innovation.

“Peekay is driven by a purpose to create value for all its stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, and the society at large. We are pleased to state that Peekay is moving ahead with its purpose and vision with this current investment with Bengaluru Airport City Limited. The company’s strategy has continually been enhancing productivity and aligning with external factors such as the environment, climate change, and renewable energy. Peekay is investing in a standalone technology centre at Airport City to diversify its business into new areas like aerospace, healthcare, renewable energy and transform itself as a tech-driven manufacturing company globally. We would be incorporating metal printing in addition to sand and ceramic in future expansion” said K.E. Shanavaz, Joint Managing Director, PeeKay Steel Castings (P) Limited.

The giant 3D sand printing machine, VX-4000 from Voxeljet, that will be installed at Airport City would be the first-of-its-kind globally. This will be most efficient and environmental-friendly with no carbon emission– in line with Bangalore International Airport Limited’s sustainability framework.

Peekay Group has signed an MoU with the machine manufacturer Voxeljet, Germany to train technocrats, up-grade skills, increase awareness of various additive manufacturing technologies in the world and thus play a major role in engaging youngsters in this new era of manufacturing.

“We are very pleased with Peekay Steel Casting’s decision to have a VX4000 sand 3D printer at their Technology Centre at Bengaluru Airport City this year. VX4000 is the largest sand 3D printer in the world, and this will be the first VX4000 installation worldwide for an integrated training centre and service facility. This opens up many possibilities for academia as well as industry to experience the technology first-hand,” said Mr. Rudolf Franz, COO & CFO Voxeljet AG.